Pi-water is drinking water conditioned by a device called TARAMA.
It can be drunk by man as well as animals.

Pi-Water was developed through extensive plant research in Japan in the early 1960s. By using a special filtration system, a bio-water was created with special life- and health-giving properties that helped plants thrive well beyond normal expectations.

Pi-Water promotes the vitality of creatures and adjusts the balance of harmonic metabolism. It is the water with high life activation energy, which is the closest to living organic water. The word "Pi (π)" means the vitality, and also means the life. Pi-Water''s life-giving energy has been shown to stimulate the self-healing properties of the cells of plants and animals alike. After over 30 years of research and hundreds of patents, this process has created what is now referred to as Pi Water, or Living Water.


The conditioning is characterized by changing the water''s own frequency. Water is harmonized on individual levels of basic particles. Thus the amount of information carried by water is changed. The cleaner the water, the more information is removed. In natural environment such water can be produced only by mothers (plant, animal or human) for her embryo. By loading the natural structure of water with information the information flow in organisms and plants is being slowed down. When the load reaches certain level, the organism perishes in its physical form. By conditioning, the water regains its quality similar to the quality at its first emergence.

What Can It Do?

Pi-water has superficial effects as well as effects on intercellular and cellular liquids in organisms. It replaces the overloaded water, pushing it out of the system. It also stabilizes the environment (materials) and enables increasing of the energetic transfer of cosmic and Earth energy not only through human organism.


The effects are very individual. The use is individual too: cleansing, regeneration, increasing mobility, weight reduction or increase, building optimum drinking regime, improvement of excretion, intense healing, decreasing the load on organism suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, making the cleansing processes of cyclical phases gentler (periods, menopause, lunar and seasonal influence), strong effect against periodontal disease, improved healing and cleansing of inflammations, blood cleansing, making the outer influences weaker or stronger and supporting immunity of the organism. Water can be combined with other Pi-technological products. Tell the staff of Pi-centers of your problems and consider the effects of Pi-water consumption individually.

Pi-water prevents the abnormal factors in the activity of life and induces the life to get all their original functions.

What We Offer

Nowadays, we offer 3 types of Pi-Water treatment systems. The differences are in the volume of the water cleaned in one minute. For usual household usage, the appliance PI 14 is the best, equipped with several water filters (change after 24 months necessary), chlorine filter (capacity 5000 liters) and UV-lamp. PI 14 has an output of ca. 2.5 liters/minute. The installation is very simple, for example under the kitchen unit.

Pi-water treatment appliances are filled with several types of ceramic balls, which are charged with an energetic field for 24 months. After this time period it is necessary to change the filling. Detailed information in the original literature (e.g. Makino: The Miracle of Piwater). Pi-water is mostly produced from the tap water, that is why pre-filters are included - to carry out the chemical and mechanical pre-cleaning. The pre-filter in the PI 14 Set is carbonic, therefore a small UV-lamp is necessary to eliminate the potential bacterial pollution.

Ordinary water purifier units make clean water. It is Pi-water system that produces clean and "good" water. Good water tastes good. This "good" water differs from ordinary water. Therefore you can experience various amazing effects with Pi-water treatment systems.


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